FINALLY… All Your Coaching Questions
Answered In ONE Place

Is coaching the right business for me?

What are the right steps for getting started?

Should I become certified?


They are all IMPORTANT questions with COMPLEX answers. But complex doesn’t have to mean complicated. Which is why I’ve put together a free resource to answer all your most pressing questions in one place.

The Introduction to Coaching Toolkit


  • Help you determine if you need to get certified
  • Help you determine if becoming a coach is right for YOU
  • Clarify exactly what you need to do next to become a coach
  • Introduce you to a unique process for creating your own coaching system

Kit Includes:

  • The Art of Becoming a Coach Checklist
  • The Art of Becoming a Coach MP3 Recording

I’ve Created This Specifically For:

  • Teachers, leaders and mentors
  • Moms who want to get back into the workforce
  • Yoga teachers, wellness practitioners, therapists and healers
  • Those who want to harness life experiences and lessons learned to help others
  • Full-time professionals looking for a more fulfilling, heart-centered career path

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marie-forleoHillary made over her public image from yoga teacher to coach, that’s a huge transition. Many people feel pigeonholed in what they are doing right now. People have this secret dream to transform to something new and she did it very quickly.” — Marie Forleo, creator of Marie Forleo’s B-School

I wish I could have heard this a long time ago. I just finished listening to the Art of Becoming a Coach recording. Hillary you are the first person whom I’ve listened to that really supports people who have their own style, their own experiences and philosophies and really value them and have the tools to support them.” — Rose

Elena_BrowerIf you seek to reach others through your work, learn from Hillary. She understands her role as teacher guide, successfully sharing her message with clarity and grace — and will help you do the same.” — Elena Brower, Founder/Co-owner of Vira Yoga, author of Art of Attention